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Company Branding

Media Creation

Through out our years producing videos, with come across a lot of brilliant individuals and companies in the design and media industry.  This has included logo and graphic creation, branded clothing, web design and SEO and vehicle branding to name a few.  As a consequence we can offer a full package to our clients what ever their branding or media requirements are.  So if you need a new logo for your company and want to show if off with some new work gear and a video, well you’ve come to the right place.  Just drop us an email with your requirements and we’ll be able to sort you right out!


Online Video isn’t all just funny cats-image

Online Video isn’t all just funny cats

Believe it or not, online video isn’t just cat videos on YouTube or watching last night’s Eastenders on BBC iPlayer. While for many this may be the case, for any modern busines...

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Edinburgh Property Photography-image

Edinburgh Property Photography

Did you know it’s not just video content we produce over here at Session2.   With my background in Architecture it goes hand in hand that I shoot a lot of property photogra...

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Edinburgh Web Design-image

Edinburgh Web Design

We were recently contaced by one of our clients, Ross Hastie, who is highly skilled in the dying art of signwriting and pinstriping. He asked us to put a webiste together to showca...

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