GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

GoPro Hero3 Black Edition-image GoPro Hero3 Black Edition-image GoPro Hero3 Black Edition-image

GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

It’s hard to believe that GoPro have packed so much into a match box sized camera. It’s now 30% smaller, 25% lighter and 2x more powerful.. and it shows. A family holiday to Centre Parcs allowed me to put our new purchase through it’s paces and I have to admit, it performed fantastically. Being small, fully water proof and shooting in full High Definition I could do everything I wanted with it, and then some! It took a real bashing down the river rapids but the video quality was consistently great.  I was blown away that such a small camera could produce such superb results.

It’s really given me the ability to film particular shots and get into spaces and angles that were impossible before.  The chest and head strap allows me to capture some superb first person point of view shots on our Trans World Soccer football tour videos. The kids love wearing them too!

The camera and harnesses aren’t the only great pieces of equipment. There’s also the free GoPro app.  Connecting via WiFi, it allows me to view what the GoPro is filming, while giving me the ability to start and stop the recording via my iPhone/iPad as I see fit! It gives an added dimension to using the GoPro (and is an editors dream!).

Check out the video below to see what this little guy is capable of. We love it!


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