Online Video isn’t all just funny cats

Online Video isn’t all just funny cats

Believe it or not, online video isn’t just cat videos on YouTube or watching last night’s Eastenders on BBC iPlayer.

While for many this may be the case, for any modern business it certainly shouldn’t be. Online video is now becoming a key marketing tool for any successful new or established business.

YouTube alone has over 1 billion unique users a month. This is the kind of potential audience that TV adverts and newspaper spaces could only dream of. Obviously, you cannot have everyone watch your video (unless it’s Gangnam Style or Charlie bit my finger!), but imagine you could grab the attention of even a minute amount of those visitors – with immediate viewing, ease of access, and unlimited availability, a video online can convey the information you want to get across in only a couple of minutes. And better of all, it’s free to upload your videos!

In today’s fast paced culture, people want immediate answers and ease of information, while at the same taking up as little of their time as possible. Online video is the answer. Video brings to life your marketing campaign in a way that pictures and text simply can’t, and is time friendly for the viewer. A picture with a description is nothing in comparison to your video reaching out of the computer screen to grab the viewer by the scruff of the neck and drag them into the environment of a video!

Have fun with your video to give your company an identity and get your company’s “personality” across. With interviews, product demonstrations, business tours, event videos, testimonials or simply converting your monthly business newsletter to video, the list is endless!

“But not everyone uses video?” I hear you say?! Well that is convenient, as it allows me to point out how you can get one step ahead of your competitors who think video is all funny cats! Having online video gives you a huge advantage over your competitors who don’t – imagine you are surfing the web trying to pick what restaurant to go to, one website has a picture of a steak on a plate. The other has a video of the chef slowly lying the steak into a sizzling pan, sprinkling over the seasoning, slicing the steak open to show just how juicy it is (Think M&S adverts!) – which would you choose?

Don’t just be a cat person. Give your company the recognition it deserves with an online video.

Have any thoughts on this blog? I’d love to hear from you! Leave you comment in the box below and let’s talk video.


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