Events and Sports Videos

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Events and Sports Videos

Hiring us to cover key events should be an integral part of any organisations event and marketing strategy. It means that your event is captured in real time and the footage will can used to promote your next event.  Nowadays, everybody involved with business and marketing is aware that video strengthens your brand – an event video is far more engaging and exciting to watch in comparison to seeing some photos and a paragraph of text!

Here’s an example of one of our recent English Premier League Tour videos we shot for Trans World Soccer.


Trans World Soccer-image

Trans World Soccer

We’ve been really lucky to work with Trans World Soccer a lot over this football season. They offer ‘The Ultimate Premier League Experience’ giving schools, clubs...

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Sony FX3 Cinema Line Camera-image

Sony FX3 Cinema Line Camera

I’ve just picked up my latest camera, the new Sony FX3.  Looks like I’m all Sony now.  I’ll be using this camera predominately alongside my a7iii. The FX3 featu...

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Edinburgh Property Photography-image

Edinburgh Property Photography

Did you know it’s not just video content we produce over here at Session2.   With my background in Architecture it goes hand in hand that I shoot a lot of property photogra...

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