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Edinburgh Property Photography

Did you know it's not just video content we produce over here at Session2.   With my background in Architecture it goes hand in hand that I shoot a lot of property photography for agencies around central Scotland.  The package I offer includes a floorplan for you schedule too.  Have a look at so[...]

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Edinburgh Web Design

We were recently contaced by one of our clients, Ross Hastie, who is highly skilled in the dying art of signwriting and pinstriping. He asked us to put a webiste together to showcase some of his amazing work. He wanted something clean and classy. It's not our main area of expertise but he was ove[...]

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Panasonic GH5

Mark recently upgraded to Panasonic's excellent new camera, the GH5. In the world of mirrorless and DSLR cameras, a lot of manufacturers are brushing over 4K video capture. Canon? Doesn't want to know. Nikon? Miles behind. Not so Panasonic, whose GH5 is one of the most adept 4K capture devices av[...]

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