Why use Video? Video Production in Edinburgh Scotland


A Few Benefits of Online Video

•   Video brings life to your marketing campaign in a way that text and pictures simply can not.

•   Video puts a face to your brand, building an immediate connection with your potential clients over a brand not using video content.

•   Video is the easiest way of conveying information, while still being the most constructive in comparison to pictures and text.

•   Video can increase your Google results ranking.

•   Facebook, Linked In, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest are now geared up to fully integrate and share your YouTube videos.

•   Although video is now cheaper and easier produce than ever before, most companies do not take advantage of this. Using video gives you an advantage over competitors who do not.

•   Having a video online can give your web page result a thumbnail in Google searches – this makes it clearly stand out from the rest of the results.

Get Video Analytics

So you have a few great videos on your site, that you are positive must surely be attracting hundreds of new customers to your business. But how do you know?  With video analytics you know how many people have viewed your video, how long they watched and even where in the world they are watching from!  This is free with all video uploads.

Videos Can Be Easily Embedded on websites and social media

“But I don’t know how to upload a video, it sounds difficult”, is one of the most common phrases we hear from new clients at Session2 HQ.  However, uploading a video can be as simple as embedding a link onto your website, and most of the time your web designer can easily do it for you at a few clicks of a mouse!   We will provide you with the embed codes for your videos and help you embed them on your websites and social media portals.  All the information for your webpage with minimum hassle to get it there!

The benefits of having videos on YouTube

Watch your new video on your TV!

Watch your new video on your TV!

With over 1 billion unique users every month, every company using video as a marketing tool needs to be involved. Why? I have detailed some of the key reasons below;

Search Engine Rankings (SEO) – Search engine ranking, or optimisation, is critical for any business when attracting potential clients. When somebody types your business service into goggle, you want to be top of the list! YouTube videos help you get there.

Saving bandwidth – As the videos on your site can be hosted by YouTube, it does not  use up your websites bandwidth.

Give more identity to your brand – a YouTube channel allows you to show off your brands personality and connect quickly with your potential clients.

Demonstrate previous events in one easy place – Want to show off a previous event to potential clients or someone who couldn’t make the day? You can have videos of all your previous events on your YouTube page so nobody ever misses out!

World Wide Advertising– As soon as you have your video on YouTube, it is available for almost everybody to view around the world.  Not only accessable on computers, YouTube is fully geared up to work on smart phones and tablets allowing your global audience to view your videos anywhere, at any time!  How’s that for marketing!

Capture a larger audience – With over 1 billion unique visitors a month, how many potential clients are you missing out on without using YouTube?

Your video available on TV and Games Consoles With many games Consoles and TV providers YouTube comes as a free app or channel.  This means the awesome video Session2 just created for you will be instantly available to view on your clients TV and is available to view anywhere in the world!  There’s nothing quite like seeing your brand on the TV in High Definition!

Why Use Video? Don’t delay!  Contact Session2 today and let us create you a video to give your business the promotion it deserves!